The Rabbit Filter Store is an online brand that creates and curates stunning designs and prints them on all sorts of equally stunning products – from t-shirts to phone covers to backpacks to boxers to your mom! We also provide independent artists a platform to showcase and monetize their creativity. The Rabbit Filter Store is not just a website or an organisation but a community of like-minded people getting together and expressing themselves through their work.

We might be called a lot of things. But one thing we’re not called is boring. We’re positive you will never have a dull moment working here. Mondays are as fun as Fridays. It’s a fun, happy environment we have here, so we make sure to hire the right set of people.

So here’s your chance to work at an exciting and fast growing start-up. There’s a lot to learn and you will be working very closely with the founders of the company. What’s even cooler is that no matter what job/ internship you initially take up, you also have the flexibility to take up additional assignments in other departments and add to your skill-set (because, start-up).


Graphic designing at The Rabbit Filter Store, as you might expect, is a very exciting job. You get to work with our super-fun design team, be a part of the design creation process right from ideation till manufacturing, and basically learn a lot from everyone around you. We urge our designers to think out of the box, so if you have a completely ridiculous idea, we’d like to hear that first.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Absolutely badass design skills (ninja level)
  • Should be well-versed in design softwares such as Abobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/ Corel Draw
  • Ability to push your own boundaries – not just ‘how it should look’ but ‘why this design would work’
  • Ability to communicate effectively around design concepts
  • Ability to interact freely and comfortably with colleagues
  • Should be open to feedback


As part of our marketing and social media team, you will be representing The Rabbit Filter Store Online and offline. Online, you will be in charge of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) and offline, you will be part of our collaborations with corporate houses, schools, colleges,and events. You will also be required to come up with strategies and ideas to market and promote the brand in unique ways and help increase awareness and sales.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Should be creative AF, get jaws to drop with ridiculous ideas
  • Updated with all things pop culture
  • Excellent command over the English language and meticulous proof reading abilities
  • Ability to visualize and create kick-ass content
  • Manage and handle our social media channels
  • Curate relevant and engaging content to reach the target audience
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities
  • Analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns and posts


As part of our digital marketing team, you will be responsible for a very important segment of our paid marketing efforts. Digital marketing is something that is highly correlated with sales. You will be required to monitor and analyze current ad campaigns and come up with fresh ideas to promote and push the brand.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Good analytical and communication skills
  • At least 6 months of experience in digital marketing
  • Good sense of aesthetics to understand what type of ad images do well
  • Proficiency in Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms
  • Proficiency in using Google Analytics
  • Create and manage online promotions and digital ad campaigns
  • Ability to write concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy that puts the message across
  • Strong analytical and reasoning skills to identify key metrics and benchmarking them
  • Proficiency in handling Google AdWords paid search marketing platform


Working as a copywriter at The Rabbit Filter Store, you will be in charge of all text-based requirements that we have across various departments. You will be required to work on product descriptions, social media post captions, digital ad copy, impactful text for our website banners, blog articles, and website content (like this page). Our communication is fun and quirky which is how we expect you to be as well. If you’re a person who loves puns, alliterations, and love writing in general, we want you!

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Excellent command over the English language, expert writing skills, editing and proof reading abilities
  • Ability to write concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy
  • Quirky and creative bend of mind
  • Ability to write content which is in sync with the tone and feel of the company
  • A basic understanding of SEO
  • Updated with all things pop culture


As part of our photography team, you might be constantly asked by our office staff to click candid pictures for their dating profiles which you can very well refuse to do. We have new products and designs coming up every day which you will be required to photograph each day which will be used for our digital ads, social media, and website banners. You will also be conceptualizing and executing our indoor and outdoor photoshoots which regularly take place.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Must possess creative and technical knowledge.
  • An understanding of visuals, colours, lights etc.
  • Ability to visualize and execute photoshoots
  • Experience in product photography
  • Excellent eye for detail and visual composition
  • Ability to experiment and incorporate new styles and trends in pictures


As a part of our Business Development Team, you will represent The RabbitFilter Store on the corporate front.

Using your smooth talking and ninja like client servicing skills to handle existing clients, and work on new, fun collaborations. This would include setting and attending meetings, getting in touch with vendors to increase our product portfolio, and helping us grow faster than Sheldon can say Bazinga!

As the single point-of-contact for all clients, you will be entrusted with more responsibility than the Superheroes that dwell on our site. May the force be with you!

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Should be a Graduate
  • Past relevant internships/ work experience preferred
  • Ability to think on one’s feet and get sh*t done
  • Handle clients/ projects on one’s own
  • Should be pro-active in contacting people and help spread the word
  • Meticulous to a fault